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The Magical review of Tahuti Lodge

The Scroll of Thoth is the semi-annual publication of Tahuti Lodge, Ordo Templi Orientis and covers all things relating to magical and esoteric theory, history, and practice.

While The Scroll of Thoth has a Thelemic slant, submissions from or about any occult school are welcome. We are specifically interested in these types of submissions:

By submitting your work, you grant non-exclusive one-time and archival rights to Scroll of Thoth. Contributors whose work is accepted will receive a contributor´┐Żs copy of the magazine.

Article submissions should be in .doc or .pdf format. Any word length will be considered; lengthy articles may be serialized. E-mailed artwork submissions should be hi-res (300 dpi) .jpegs. E-mailed submission file sizes should not be larger than 2M; if the final file is larger send a scaled-down version for evaluation, and the full-sized version (in a lossless file format) will be requested upon acceptance.

All submissions should be e-mailed to Please include your full name (legal name, if different than pen name), mailing address, and e-mail address with your submission. A cover letter with some information about the author is welcome.

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